Food for thought.

I grew up in an Italian family, and we owned an Italian restaurant for roughly 70 years. So I have marinara in my veins, and I know my way around food. Wait. Food? This is a photography business, right? Don't worry; this really is Paul Muirhead Photography (PMP) and not Paulie's Prosciutto Page (umm...I call dibs on that name, too).

Back in 2008 I left my career to pursue a lifelong dream of going to culinary school. I attended one of the top schools in America and finished at the top of my class. In one of my final advanced classes, our chef told us that we had to create a portfolio of our food because, after all, chefs' resumes are more compelling in pictures than words. "Show, don't tell." He pulled me aside and said, "Instead of taking pictures with your phone, get yourself a real camera and take good pictures." (Remember that this was the summer of 2009 and camera phones were not what they are today.) So I bought a "real camera" and started taking pictures.

They call me a Renaissance man.

Drawing, music, languages, cooking, and photography—I have pursued artistic expression of creativity all my life. These things have shaped me over the years, and in my passions—particularly my photography—their essential characteristics are evident.
  • Traditional technique and composition combines with contemporary taste.
  • Beauty lies within the uncluttered details.
  • Technique is important, but my best work comes from investing myself emotionally.
  • Communication is paramount to success.

Stop and I'll shoot!

I love capturing subtle details, moods, and expressions—the essence of living subjects. Whether you are looking for photos of your band, your wedding, or yourself, you are more than "just" an artist, a bride, or a pretty smile. Let's talk about the wonderful things that make you unique. Or maybe we could just share some prosciutto.