Do you not have time to edit your images?

Would you rather spend time behind a camera than in front of a monitor?

Are you confident in your photography skills but not so much in your editing skills?

Let me do your editing for you. -- $1/image

Send me your RAW files.  I will create a custom Lightroom catalog that you can import into your master catalog.  Want to maintain your own style?  Send me your proprietary Lightroom presets (i.e., I won't keep them or use them anywhere else).  I'll add them to your custom catalog and will apply them to your images before editing.

I will edit your images by hand with the following touches and more:

  • Remove skin blemishes and stray hairs
  • Correct lighting issues (WB, brightness, saturation)
  • Brighten smiles
  • Remove distracting background elements
  • Slim waistlines
  • Fade wrinkles
  • Smooth image noise

I will return your images on a DVD in your choice of .jpeg or .tif with maximum resolution allowed by your original files.  I also will delete the original RAW files from my workflow to maintain your sole proprietorship.

For additional information please send me an email.